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By Lester | 23 March 2023 | 0 Comments

The Benefits of Using Rack-Mounted UPS Lithium Batteries by Cloudnergy

The  Cloudnergy Benefits of Rack mounted UPS Lithium Batt
Lithium battery rack UPS power supply, what are the benefits of using rack UPS? Rack UPS is designed for rack installation, the purpose is to be able to be installed with IT equipment such as servers to reduce installation space and facilitate power distribution . It is favored by many customers because of its small size, light weight and easy installation.
Rack-mounted UPS power supplies use lithium-ion batteries as backup power and are the best choice. At present, with the increasing global pollution, energy conservation and environmental protection have become the topic advocated by all walks of life. Many energy-saving and environmentally friendly products on the market have been developed. In the battery market, lithium-ion batteries are a supernova. They have quickly occupied the market by virtue of their safety, light weight, long service life, complete charge and discharge, low maintenance cost, and no memory effect.
With the continuous maturity of lithium-ion battery technology, the advantages of using lithium-ion batteries as UPS backup power sources are becoming more and more obvious, and the construction method of lithium motor rack UPS has also been adopted by more and more companies. Step by step to become an indispensable new friend in the data center room. Lithium-ion battery packs are also widely used in data centers, computer rooms, communication base stations, outdoor sites, energy storage power supplies and other fields.
What are the benefits of lithium motor rack UPS?
Rack UPS has considerable advantages over traditional UPS. The following is an inventory of the advantages of rack UPS:
  • Configured with standard lithium-ion battery pack: The rack-mounted UPS is equipped with a standard battery pack of the same size as the host (for customers to choose). The batteries in the standard battery pack are all high-quality lithium-ion batteries, which ensure the safety and reliability of the UPS with good battery quality.
  • The rack-type UPS is small in size and only 1U in height, with super capacity and high efficiency. Save floor space and space; easy to install, use and maintain; short power connection cables, high reliability.
  • By reducing the points of failure between critical equipment and the load, a stable, rack-mounted UPS increases the availability of the entire system.
  • The rack-mounted UPS has complete protection functions, including battery over- and under-voltage protection, output over-voltage protection, output under-voltage alarm, output short-circuit, over-temperature and other protection functions.
  • The rack-mounted UPS is easy to install, easy to expand, and saves investment. The power supply system can be changed on demand, which reduces the initial purchase cost of users. Allow customers to find a balance between price and performance.
  • The Cloudnergy rack-type UPS is designed for small-space computer rooms. It can be placed in a standard cabinet like other storage devices and hard disk video recorders; rack-type UPS is more intelligent in availability, management, adaptability, and system protection. Efficient.
Cloudnergy Rack UPS is widely used in communication, electric power, public security, fire protection, radio and television, finance, military, Internet and other industries. The matching and integrated equipment includes: communication base station, integrated power distribution cabinet, data center, modular integrated products, etc. .

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