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By Pinkie | 08 January 2024 | 0 Comments

Exploring Real User Experiences with CloudEnergy Lithium Batteries


Welcome back to our blog, where we dive into the authentic experiences of Amazon users with our CloudEnergy lithium battery products. In this continuation, we'll explore additional insights from customers who have shared their thoughts on the performance, durability, and overall value of our products.

John Dicus - A Powerhouse Endorsement:

John Dicus, a user who purchased the 7.68KWh Battery+Inverter model, expresses sheer amazement at the unit's efficiency and power. Describing it as a "nifty unit," he envisions users powering their entire homes with sufficient solar panels and extra batteries. John acknowledges the complexity in programming but praises the solid build, emphasizing the unit's durability. His confidence in our company and equipment remains high, highlighting unmatched customer service as a key differentiator.

Supwai - Taking the Risk and Winning:

Supwai opted for the CL48-150B, emphasizing the great price and the product being worth the risk. Sharing insights into installation, Supwai details the wall-hung version and appreciates the well-made case. The user conducts meticulous testing, showcasing the battery's performance under various conditions. Supwai concludes that, despite potential efficiency loss, the advertised capacity aligns with actual results, making our product recommendable.

Ronnie Bazan - Addressing Challenges:

Ronnie Bazan, unfortunately, faced issues with a battery that didn't charge. While this is a setback, we assure Ronnie and others that we are committed to resolving such problems promptly to ensure customer satisfaction.

Tamra - A Detailed Examination:

Tamra purchased the CL48-150B and provides an insightful examination of the battery's physical attributes. Tamra notes the battery's actual weight, terminal construction, and internal wiring details. Despite expressing concerns about wire sizes, Tamra looks forward to thorough testing and plans to update the review based on the performance.

Ryan - A Personal Journey with CloudEnergy:

Ryan, who invested in the 7.68KWh Battery+Inverter, shares a personal journey. Initially skeptical due to startup issues, Ryan commends our outstanding customer service. The system's efficiency, ease of configuration, and exceptional customer service have won him over. Ryan's positive experience with our product has convinced him to consider future upgrades.

Bronson - Overcoming Challenges:

Bronson purchased the 30.72KWh Battery+Inverter and faced challenges with AC disconnecting. Despite initial issues, Bronson highlights our exceptional technical support, providing a detailed follow-up on issue resolution. He acknowledges our efforts to improve quality control and expresses intentions to purchase from us again.

Chaz - Technical Support Gold:

Chaz, working with solar power, emphasizes the challenges of system issues. Despite a battery-inverter compatibility problem, Chaz praises our solid gold technical support, which guided through troubleshooting and ensured the successful operation of the off-grid system.

Breeze - Transformative Power:

Breeze, a user of the 48V Golf Cart-Battery, applauds the clean install, impressive power, and weight reduction. The CloudEnergy battery has turned Breeze's setup into a high-performance "hotrod."

Kim Small - Clever Design, Solid Execution:

Kim Small, having the 30.72KWh Battery+Inverter for five months, commends the clever design, stackable configuration, and support received. The unit's functionality, documentation, and exceptional support contribute to Kim's positive experience.

Mike Nelson - Overcoming Communication Hurdles:

Mike Nelson faced communication issues with the Sungold inverter but received outstanding support from CloudEnergy. With guidance on programming and updates, Mike now considers our batteries more than sufficient for his needs.


These diverse experiences provide a comprehensive look into how CloudEnergy lithium batteries perform under various conditions. We appreciate the valuable feedback, and rest assured, we are dedicated to continuous improvement and customer satisfaction. Whether overcoming challenges or enjoying seamless operations, each user's journey contributes to our commitment to delivering reliable and efficient energy solutions.

Thank you for being a part of the CloudEnergy community!

The CloudEnergy Team

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