Customer Testimonial: John Dicus’ Experience with our 48V Stack Product"

In a time when we constantly strive for innovation and energy efficiency, receiving a positive feedback concerning our 48V stacking product is always a driving force. Recently, we were fortunate to receive a five-star review from John Dicus. His detailed and sincere feedback, not simply an affirmation of our products, but a worthwhile resource for other consumers interested to embrace a green energy lifestyle.

In his review dated November 15, 2023, John expressed high praise for our 48V-150Ah stack product and its accompanying inverter. He said, “Wow, just wow! This is a pretty nifty unit that’s both massive and offers great value!”

For John, this unit is super efficient and incredibly powerful. He imagined that most people could power their whole house if they have enough solar panels and add a couple of extra batteries. He mentioned that the product, while not 100% self-explanatory and the manual not being the best at explaining, was beautifully crafted and well-presented. The product itself is solid, sturdy, and HEAVY, the battery alone weighs over 130 pounds, and the inverter another 85 pounds. Every aspect of this unit gives the impression of durability.

He commended the quality of our customer service, stating that "Their customer service is UNMATCHED by ANY company I've dealt with!" Our teams communicated efficiently via email, helping John step by step, providing consistent support whenever required.

John was impressed enough that he knew he'd want to secure another battery for it — sufficient to power his computer lab, augmenting its reliance on the grid. Even though he needed more time to fully understand the programming and operation of this unit, John maintained high confidence in our company and equipment.

He concluded, “Yes, I will be securing another battery soon. My computers use about 4KW for ten hours (I process art 24/7). One battery lasts me for fifteen hours before I start getting near that 20% discharge I aim to stay above. So, I disconnect the computer from it and connect the computer into the wall plug to keep working. Then when the sun comes around some hours later and shines into this desert arroyo, the solar panels charge the battery throughout the day. I foresee six more panels (2.4KW total) and one more battery will be enough to see me through the winter, and the summer will be a total breeze!”

Through John’s firsthand account, we see how our products are propelling sustainable energy application in real life, bringing tangible changes to our customers' lives. With this blog post, we hope to share John's story with potential users, inspiring and encouraging more individuals to shift towards a cleaner energy path.

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