North American warehouse

To enhance our service for international customers, Cloud Energy has strategically established a warehouse in City of Industry, California, USA. This facility is stocked with a substantial inventory of our popular LiFePO4 batteries, readily available for customers to collect directly.
In addition to providing a convenient pick-up location, our North America branch also offers comprehensive support services, including product returns, exchanges, and maintenance. This expansion demonstrates Cloud Energy's commitment to delivering exceptional customer experiences and ensuring easy access to our high-quality energy storage solutions worldwide.

U.S. Warehouse:
(Address): 437 N Baldwin Park Blvd #AD2575 
(City): City of Industry 
(State): CA (California) 
(Zip Code): 91746 

For more information, please contact us at Tel./Whatsapp/WeChat:0086-15989872868 or Email: [email protected]

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